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Personal performance coaching: it's all about helping you to address your challenges and achieve your potential.  Experience a powerful coaching conversation with Giles, the Vertical Coach.  Let him hold the impartial space and focus for you in an environment that removes any of the external judgemnet or influences that are so ahrd to escape in everyday life.


Coaching is all about you: your goals, your motivation, your solutions.  As a qualified coach, I’ll bring the tools to extract your best and most resourceful you, and help you to reflect and find clarity with no judgement or agenda. Success is entirely defined by you.  From a full blown coaching session through to simply giving you the space and time to reflect and be mindful, I can provide the space that supports your ability to do this.  Pick your favourite environment, or let me guide you in the best place I know for it where you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the calm and reflective effects of being by the water.


Ever wonder why your best ideas come to you whilst you’re in the shower?  The Wild Coaching exploits the science behind the way in which we as humans have evolved and how our brains work.  Stepping away from the environment in which your challenges exist, and providing a distraction that is uplifting frees an extraordinary capacity for resourcefulness and clarity.


On the river, during a blustery coast path trot, or simply during a walk through an inspirational cityscape.  Whichever you like: I can come to you, or you can join me at our base on a beautiful clear stretch of the River Bure, just North of Norwich.  Delight in the tranquility, the pretty scenery and the wildlife.  Watch patient herons, look for the bubbles that betray otters and keep your eyes peeled for kingfishers.  What will you find on your journey that you weren’t expecting to see?


Get in touch: 07737 742264

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