The Ground Rules


During coaching practice sessions, the coachee sets the agenda, picks what they want to change or discuss.  Period.  No ifs, no buts.


Confidentiality: In order for the coachee to make progress they must feel that there is no area they cannot discuss in the strictest confidence.  Any discussions which occur during coaching practice at Speed Coaching events must be treated with the strictest confidence.  Challenges discussed could be of a sensitive personal or commercial nature: by signing up to a Speed Coaching event you are agreeing to honour the confidentiality requirements set out here.


Forgiveness: there is no correct way to resolve a challenge other than the preferred considered method of the coachee.  Should the coachee expend energy chasing a solution or action which proves not to assist with the change that they wish to make, then this is all part of the process.  There is no wrong or mistaken route in this process.




Coach – as the coach your task is to focus your complete attention on the coachee.  Champion them, hold their focus on the goal they have set themselves, and challenge assumptions.  On no account provide advice or guidance, or make decisions for the coachee. 


Coachee – you agree to work for yourself.  Coaching practice puts you at the forefront of resolving your own challenges.  Do not expect the coach to do this for you.  The real benefit is in you deriving solutions for your issues.  Expect to work hard and be challenged.  Be honest with yourself, and open.  It is impossible for a coach to make progress if you hold back any key information about the challenge you face.  Remember that coaching is conducted in the strictest of confidence.


Both – In coaching, coach and coachee are equals.  The coach knows nothing about your challenges, business or background, but believes in your resourcefulness to meet and overcome your challenges; the coachee respects the coach’s qualification to coach. 

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