Reflection Friday #1

I should explain: every Monday and Friday I'm gonna share a short snippet to hopefully help you think about how you can be your better self. Monday posts will aim to inspire you for the week. Friday posts will be a reflection before you head into the weekend.

Without further ado then - my first Reflection Friday:

Had a super interesting conversation with Rachel and John from Consult East #consulteast about the real challenges when trying to automate any sort of coaching. It's all about rapport... AI is already capable of so much, and computer games achieve it in some way, but real rapport: the sort that thrives on smiles, empathy and real engagement remains the domain of human skill (discuss...!). And it's the one that this week has paid the most dividends at Lift Performance HQ and helped us to end our week on a real high.

As you reflect on your week, where might or indeed did rapport really boost the outcomes you were or are trying to achieve? How could you have made the time for creating it, and how can you be better at it? What opportunities are there for doing more of it next week?

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