The Long Game

It’s been a while. No excuse really, although I have been working on some exciting projects that have distracted me: all about introducing SUP as a health and wellbeing service for all the right reasons up where I live. Watch this space.

We’ve been working on this for about 5 months now, and in the last few weeks the toll on me through ‘development’ fatigue has really been showing. If we look back at the past 5 months, we’ve done huge amounts of work, thinking and planning. But this is SUP we’re talking about – taking to the water. Not something that people generally start in December… patience and faith are therefore the watchwords. We have put in place the processes, plans and activities to make a real success of what we’re trying to achieve, but the proof of this is realistically at least 4 months away. Feels like a lifetime.

My point – coaching rarely looks at the challenges that have a quick fix. Plans and actions decided during the course of coaching may well include ‘what you can do right now’, but most likely they’ll also contain those that have longevity and duration. Patience and faith are essential in seeing these through, but more important are the conversations and exploration that derive them in the first place. If you think, use your resourcefulness, justify your actions, and continue to review progress, then the chances are that you'll get to where you hoped you would.

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Checking the pressure: know what's required, check, maintain, review...

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