SUP, Ride & Run the Rivers of the Norfolk Broads

Welcome to the trial SUP-Ride-Run event.  Thanks for entering! In this pack you should find all the information you need before you turn up.  If you have any more questions, of course don’t hesitate to get in touch:




Hautbois Activity Centre, 5 Great Hautbois Rd, Coltishall, Norwich NR12 7JN.  On an OS map it’s at grid ref. TG266203.

Click HERE for a map.


Sat Nav should take you to the right place and the signage on the entrance is conspicuous on the left-hand side of the road as you drive away from Coltishall.


The centre is the regional headquarters for the Guiding Association.  They have generously let us use the location for this event and are keen to see it a success.  There will be other users of the centre around: please treat them as you would hope to be treated.  We’re keen to use this location for the main event next year!




On going through the entrance follow signs to the car park.  There should be plenty of room.  Please be considerate of other users of the centre and park sensibly.


The event itself will be hosted out of the building just downhill from the car park.  Again, this should be obvious, and there will be signage to direct you.

Click HERE to see a map of the event location.




The event is on SUNDAY 7 OCTOBER 2018.


09:30                 Registration

10:00                Participant briefing

10:20                Warm up

10:30                Race Start

14:00                 Approx. race finish

14.30                Prize giving

14:45                 Pack down (we need to be clear of site by 15:00 so all hands on deck!)





On arrival please come and see Giles at the registration desk inside the building.  You’ll be given a race pack including your order of discipline, and hopefully a race number!  Once you’re checked-in, please do get yourself set up.  Transition will be outside the registration area so feel free to leave bicycles and equipment where you want in preparation.




The centre has kindly given us a building that has both toilet and shower facilities.  Please do use, but leave them in the state you would like to have found them.  These are not changing facilities: come dressed ready to go, or change at your cars please!


In the registration area will be water and tea/coffee making facilities.  Please use these as you wish.


For this trial event we won’t be supplying rehydration/sports drink powders or gels (watch this space for the next event where we will!).  If you want these, please bring your own.


Because of the proximity of the car park, we won’t be providing a baggage drop.  Please leave anything you don’t need for the race in your cars.  Coltishall and the centre are pretty safe places, but we do suggest you hide valuables and lock your car.  We will happily look after car keys at the registration desk for you for the duration of the event.




You will need to bring your own kit for the running and cycling phases of the event.  This includes your bicycle…  You must wear a cycling helmet.  We will supply paddleboards, paddles and lifejackets for the paddleboarding.  Due to the obstacles under the water and the surface of the pontoon you will launch from, we do recommend you wear shoes for the paddleboarding.




Our very own insanity expert will be on hand to get everyone going before the race starts.  Do join in!




The transition point will be just outside the event registration area.  We will make sure there is an adequate water supply positioned there for you to be able to take a drink or refill water bottles.  If you’re lucky there might be bananas and the odd jelly baby too…


We intend to put a water station on the run at the half way point.  More details on that on race day.


Although the event is in October, Norfolk can be unseasonably hot and dry.  Please make sure that you have sufficient water bottles for the amount of water you think you will need, and make sure you stay hydrated.




3km Paddle up the Bure

40km road cycle around the Bure Valley

10km or 5km run up the Bure Valley Railway and back down beside the river.

You will each receive laminated route cards on the day.  We will send you out an electronic file (format to be decided) of the routes for the cycling and running two weeks before the event.  Note that in the event of inclement weather or other factors we may change the routes at short notice.


All routes will be marked with dayglow arrow markers.  We’ll brief you about the colours for each discipline on the day.


The paddle board route is an out and back up the River Bure from the activity centre.  The turning point will be a large white spherical fender anchored in the middle of the river which you should pass on your left-hand side.  Where you have to pass other paddleboarders or other river users, you should aim to be on the right-hand side of the river, leaving the other user to your left-hand side.


The cycling takes place on the public highway.  Please respect other road users and comply with the rules of the road.  You will cycle through the middle of Aylsham which is a busy market town with pedestrian crossings.  Please cycle with care accordingly.  You will cross the busy A140 just North of Aylsham: please take great care.  There will be no police or volunteer marshalling for this trial event.


The run takes place on public footpaths.  Please be respectful of any other users you come across.




Due to the number of paddleboards we have available to us, you will either paddleboard as your first or last discipline.  We will advise you of the order of the disciplines for you at registration.


Access to the river is down a narrow channel and under a low bridge.  Whilst these present an interesting challenge for you all, it does mean that the first wave of paddleboarders will be sent off at 20 second intervals.  We will adjust times accordingly.  In the unlikely event that we need to do this for the second wave we will do the same.


Please be cautious on turning from the channel into the main river and on return in case of other river users.  Similarly, there is a row of blue buoys that splits the channel which accesses the river from the activity centre.  Please stay the side you are briefed so as not to damage the already fragile relationship that the centre has with its neighbours!


Not done much/any paddleboarding?  Then join us on the Saturday at Burebank for a bit of tuition!




All participants will wear lifejackets for the paddleboarding.  There is to be no exception to this.  No participant will be allowed onto the pontoon where the paddleboards are until they are wearing a lifejacket.


The water will be chilly, but hopefully clear and fresh.  However, if you do take an unexpected dip, please note the following:


Do NOT drink the water

There are some underwater hazards in the form of logs, trunks and branches from fallen trees.  Be careful and keep an eye out. If you see anything hazardous, please shout to the person behind you.  The river bank is strewn with brambles, nettles and trees: where you can, paddle in the middle of the river so that if you do go in, you’re most likely to miss all these.

There may be midges and other biters on the river: do come prepared with anti-insect cream or spray if you think they’ll find you tasty.


There will be a rescue canoe (with blue flashing lights and siren) on the river at all times.  In the event that you get into trouble they will come to your aid but you may need to attract attention.  In the event that they do come to help you, please let them do what they need to.




It’s Norfolk – it doesn’t rain.  Much.  We will run the event unless the weather looks so extreme that we feel there is an unacceptable risk to you all.  In the event that we need to cancel (fingers crossed not) we’ll get in touch with you all individually and via the Paddle, Peddle & Pant Facebook page.




When you finish your race, there’ll be a drink, but for this trial event the plan is for a debrief and grub at the Rising Sun afterwards.




Spot prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the event organisers, but the one that everyone will really be vying for is the most spectacular capsize of the day.  The river crew will be on the lookout for nominees.  If you must, do come in fancy dress and we’ll assess the best of that too…  Prizes are generously being supplied by the Colchester Inns.




Thanks for being our guinea-pigs.  The event is free to enter, but we’d like to support the Guiding Association for their loan of their facility, so any contribution gratefully accepted.


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