"...this has been so informative and enlightening for myself and the people I work with and for"

Liz, Social Worker


1 June 2016 - 7pm at Cafe Britannia, Norwich


20 July 2016 - 7pm

Norwich Location TBC


Imagine if you could make significant progress on any of your challenges in just 15 minutes or less. 


At Lift we’ve taken the problem solving method employed in the

cockpit by the UK’s military pilots and developed it to be applicable

any challenge you want to overcome, issue you need to resolve, or

goal you want to achieve. 


But Speed Coaching isn’t just about another mnemonic that you use

to structure your problem solving.  It’s really hard to objectively assess

your own challenges. 


Speed Coaching gives you a basic framework for rapid problem solving,

and teaches you to apply it through the use of basic performance

coaching techniques.  Rather than ask yourself the questions that will

enable you to explore the challenge, we’ll pair you up with fellow Speed

Coachers who will provide the objectivity we know makes for powerful

unbiased support.  So you’ll enjoy the benefits of both investigating your

own challenges as well as seeing first-hand how effective the coaching

techniques are.





We can bring Speed Coaching to your organisation: Progress multiple challenges in the same short time, and enjoy the additional benefits which will add real value to you and your team:


  • A level playing field: you’ve all got challenges, at whatever level you’re at.  Speed Coaching enables anyone in your organisation to work with anyone else.  You don’t need an expert in your field to help you, just someone to objectively provide the right level of challenge to help you figure out what you need to do. 

  • We know that this represents a superb tool for collaboration, removing the ego and hierarchy which can present barriers to problem sharing.  Whether you want your managers to get to know their teams better, or whether you want separate teams to understand the others’ challenges, or simply to get your team talking, Speed Coaching offers a great vehicle to improve the cohesion in your organisation.

  • A tool they can take to use when working on any future challenges,.

  • An introduction to performance coaching and its applicability to day-to-day business practice.


If you think your organisation would benefit from Speed Coaching, please give us a shout: speed@liftperformance.co.uk

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