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Providing invaluable challenge and support to senior management, the Wild Coaching Experience offers no excuse for you to be focussed on anything than the goals and perspective you need to return re-energised, refreshed and re-balanced for all of the boardroom, family life and of course yourself.




You spend your time looking after your business, your team (and probably their teams too), shouldering huge responsibility for all of this.  What about looking after you?  Our biggest challenges as individuals are to see through the insurmountable subjectivity we view ourselves with, and indeed to practice the pedagogy that is at the heart of our day-to-day role as leaders on ourselves.




The Wild Coaching offers a unique experience to enable you to address both these challenges.  Leave the day-to-day behind for a fully immersive experience that provides a reset and refresh for both body and mind.  Experience powerful coaching conversations to explore your goals and challenges, whilst at the same time benefitting from getting outdoors and taking part in physical activity.


Wild Coaching relies on providing just the right level of the right distrction to ensure that you can focus on the problem you want to, whilst being sufficiently engaging to eliminate those day-to-day distractions that might otherwise grab your attention.


My coaching tools are a unique blend of the principles of coaching and my experience of problem solving and leadership as a Commando Helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy.  Developed from both the reactive risk assessment process required in the cockpit and the longer term planning tools for military operations, I will get you to explore from an outcome focussed perspective, and provide a framework that allows you to really understand your goals and challenges.



We offer a fully inclusive experience: from getting you to and from the chosen location, to providing you with all the right equipment tailored specifically for you and your activity of choice, to ensuring that you’re fed and watered in the same spirit of wellbeing as the activity and coaching itself, we’ve got it covered.  If you want to add accommodation or anything else extra to the experience, then we’ll sort that too.  Prior to the event, we’ll come to visit you in your office to help us to understand the context for your goals and challenges.  At this point we can work with you to tailor the experience to provide what’s best for you.




It’s all about being able to get perspective.  We achieve this in numerous ways:


We put you in an environment that frees you from the norms and prompts that your day-to-day surroundings provide.

We get you to get up.  By standing up and being active, we take advantage of the fact that there’s good scientific background to the fact that you have your best ideas when you’re in the shower or out for a run.


The phrase 'Vertical Coach' was coined when I thought about how lucky I had been to see the earth from the air in my flying career.  We see the earth most days from somewhere between ground level and 6 feet up.  From the air gives an entirely different perspective, and it’s this concept, my belief that putting context at the top of the process, and getting active that all resonate with ‘Vertical’.


Get in touch: 07737 742264

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